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Jewellery Trends For 2022


Jewellery is an essential part of any wardrobe. It adds style, flair, personality, all reflecting your style. Trends can shift every year, but many staples hang around for a while. Whether you like bright and bold colours, charming bracelets, a mixture of mismatched earrings, there's something for everyone's style. This year's look is going for a perfect blend of statement pieces, layering, bold and bright colours. Let's look at what to expect for jewellery trends and fresh picks for 2022.


Statement Earrings

Statement earrings have been popping up in fashion and will likely continue into 2022. Bold dangly earrings are turning heads, and when more of a statement is needed, women are going for a mismatched look that blends perfectly together to add a little flair to any outfit. Get on trend with dangly earrings that sweep the shoulders. And of course, ear styling is always on-trend, with multiple piercings synced together well to add a beautiful, classy look.


Ring Stacking 

This classic fashion trend seems to be making a comeback from adding funky plastic rings to specialty collections of stacking rings that mesh together perfectly across your hand. Ladies add fun, chunky, colourful pieces with gorgeous diamond-studded bands to make their rings the eclectic accessory collection. 


Nameplate Pieces

Wearing jewellery with your name, initials, zodiac sign, anything personal to you is the new hip and trendy accessory. Start with a classic nameplate necklace and shift to zodiac sign dangly earrings. These pieces are unique to each person, making them a distinctive accessory that expresses your personality and unique identity.


Chunky Statement Pieces

Chunky Cuban link chains rose up in 2020 and continue to make waves in the fashion world. This year, you’ll see a slight evolution in thick and heavy diamond-encrusted chunky chain necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You are sure to grab some attention with one of these trendy chain link designs lined with lustrous diamonds.


Pastels and Bright Bold Colours

While you can never go wrong with a classic gold or silver accessory, the colours take the stage with chunky, coloured necklaces, earrings, and charms. While they may look like a toy, they add a fun pop of colour to any outfit.


Designer Brooches

This classic vintage look continues to be an amazing way to add flair to your style. Designer brooches and logo pins can look amazing adorned the lapel of a nice pea coat, on the corner of a hat, or on a nice business blazer. It gives your whole outfit a luxurious look.



Chokers have been making quite the comeback, and the style seems to be shifting this year to chunky. Look out for ornate charm pieces to large chunky necklaces, or keep it simple with a thin pearl chain choker.

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