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Jewellery isn't just an accessory or an addition to your outfit. It's much more than that. People give jewellery as a gift on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and just-because gifts. Rings are the strongest symbol of love, with the engagement ring and the wedding band. Jewellery is a traditional gift that people give to people to symbolize how much they care. It's given as a gift to lovers, friends, family, and because of this strong symbolism and sentimental values, people cherish these pieces as heirlooms and never let them leave their skin. 


Jewellery has been attributed as one of the earliest forms of artistic expression. People have been wearing jewellery for thousands of years as status symbols to stand out and add a high decorative value to any outfit. 


Jewellery does also complete that perfect outfit. It's the icing on the cake, and many people say they feel naked without it. It's the finishing touch that can style up the simplest jeans and t-shirt look or a fancy gown to a 5-star restaurant or black-tie affair. Jewellery is an important accessory that is essential to any outfit. 


When you choose your pieces, your jewellery symbolizes who you are, what your style is, and your interests. Some people have a signature look that when you see them coming or a piece of jewellery at a jewellery store, you know that piece is uniquely them. Jewellery can last for lifetimes. People can pass it down from generation to generation. Your heirlooms can hold sentimental value that you may never wear but still want to pass it down. 


Wearing jewellery can boost people's self-confidence. It can bring out the best in women's features and personality when the piece is worn well and for the right occasion. Women love to feel beautiful, stylish, confident, and special. Jewellery can play a unique role in making women feel the best about themselves. 


What's great about jewellery is it never goes out of style. You can wear large statement pieces in the 60s, and throughout the years, you can pull those pieces out, and people will be in awe of the gorgeous statement jewellery you wear and ask you where you got it. Having a strong collection of jewellery can be a valuable asset. Jewellery is an excellent investment and can hold its value indefinitely, which makes it a great gift to hand down to your children.


Liebstayn sees jewellery not only as an addition to an outfit but as something with its own value. Jewellery allows the wearer to upgrade a simple outfit and set the mood for the day. Jewellery can be the boldest part of an outfit and silently show the wearer's style and character when their clothes may not otherwise allow them to. The Customer of Liebstayn has a profound sense of fashion, has its style, is open-minded and adventurous, loves to travel, explore, has a joyful spirit, and is not afraid to experiment with trendy pieces.