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| Aigul Alon

What does "self-love" actually mean? The concept of "self-love" has become quite trendy nowadays. But what does it truly mean? The idea dates back to ancient Greek philosophy, when oikeiosis was seen as the origin of all good. Oikeiosis was a form of self-love that emanated outward - beginning with caring for oneself, then one's offspring, followed by family, and ultimately all of humanity.

Today, with everything going on in the world, it's easy to forget about ourselves. We neglect our physical health and spiritual growth. We sacrifice sleep and rush through life without pausing.

November is here and with it comes the season of giving thanks and showing appreciation. This month, we're dedicating time to self-love - an important act we often overlook in our busy lives.

What Does It Mean to Treat Yourself?

Treating yourself looks different for everyone. Here are some ideas:

  • Take time for journaling
  • Go to your favorite exercise class
  • Try a new meditation practice
  • Curl up with a good book
  • Visit a spa for a massage
  • Buy yourself some jewelry you've had your eye on
  • Book a dream trip you've wanted to take

As long as you're doing something enjoyable, that's self-care. Something you've been wanting to do but keep postponing. See this as a sign to put yourself first. Take that moment just for you.

Benefits of Regular Self-Care

Taking time for yourself has immense benefits:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Boosts mood and happiness
  • Improves focus and mental clarity
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Increases creativity and inspiration
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem

When you regularly practice self-love, you have more energy, optimism, and inner peace. You're able to be more present and patient with others too.

Tips for Making Self-Care a Habit

How can you turn self-care from an occasional treat into a regular habit?

Start small. You don't have to book a fancy vacation right away. Simple things like a short walk or drinking enough water count. Build up from there.

Tie it to your routine. Link it to parts of your day, like reading before bed or meditating after your morning coffee. This makes it easier to stay consistent.

Give yourself permission. Silence your inner critic and allow yourself to prioritize your needs. You deserve this time.

Reframe how you think. Don't see it as selfish or indulgent. View it as necessary self-nurturing.

Enlist support. Tell friends and family your self-care goals so they can cheer you on. Join an online community for encouragement.

Be flexible. Some days your routine may get disrupted. Don't be rigid. Do what you can and get back on track. Progress, not perfection.

Sample Self-Care Routine

Not sure where to start? Try adopting a simple self-care routine like this:


  • Wake up 10 minutes early
  • Drink water and stretch
  • Write in a gratitude journal
  • Take a quick shower or bath
  • Enjoy breakfast mindfully


  • Take a short walk outside
  • Listen to uplifting music or a podcast
  • Make yourself a healthy, nourishing lunch


  • Log off work on time
  • Spend quality time with loved ones
  • Unplug from devices an hour before bed
  • Practice breathwork or meditation
  • Read an inspiring book in bed

Adjust this to fit your lifestyle. Customize it with activities specific to you.

When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

On extra stressful days when you desperately need self-care but have zero time or energy...

  • Take 5 deep breaths
  • Cuddle with a pet
  • Vent to a trusted friend
  • Take a quick shower
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Write down 3 things you accomplished
  • Go outside for fresh air
  • Listen to a guided meditation (even just 5 minutes)
  • Say positive affirmations
  • Snuggle under a cozy blanket

Little bits of self-nurturing go a long way when you're depleted. Recharge so you can keep going.

Make November Your Self-Love Month

This November, what are some special ways you can treat yourself? How can you weave more small acts of self-care into your weeks?

Don't wait until you "need" it. Don't feel guilty about taking this time. Self-love allows you to be your best self and serve others from a place of abundance.

Hope this helps inspire you to make self-care a priority! Start small, build momentum, and soon it will become second nature. You're worth it.